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Peavey Unity DR 16 Ch WiFi Digital Rack Mixer+Rockville Power Amplifier+Cables

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Items included in this bundle

Package Includes:
  • (1) Peavey Unity DR 16 Channel Rack Mount WiFi Digital Mixer w/ 8 Mic Preamps
  • (1) Rockville RPA5 1000 Watt Peak / 500w RMS 2 Channel Power Amplifier Pro/DJ Amp
  • (2) Rockville RCXFM20E-B 20 Foot Female to Male XLR Mic Cable Black 100% Copper

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Description of UNITY DR 16:

Every day, musicians strive to bring people together through live performance. In helping artists and engineers achieve their ideal sound, Peavey Electronics® endeavors to meet every need with the new UNITY DR16, the first entry in the UNITY Series of digital mixer products and the first of its kind to be fully expandable. Whether the user is running front of house or their own monitor mix, the UNITY DR16 is a highly adaptable and compatible solution that delivers professional-grade sound.

In its standard configuration, the UNITY DR16 offers 16 inputs, with eight of those inputs boasting Peavey's world class Silencer™ mic preamps. The inputs have a Priority Ducker as well as the ability to group MUTE and SOLO, and all of the input EQs have the Classic Peavey Mid-Morph™ EQ, which enables the user to easily tune in optimal tone. All of these features, plus the two Feedback Eliminators that are assignable to mic input channels, make the UNITY DR16 a top-of-the-line pick for its category.

With 4 effects processors and highly advanced reverb algorithms, the UNITY DR16’s onboard effects are more than enough to meet the user’s needs. Don't want to be tied down to the mixing board? The UNITY DR16 features a unique mixed network configuration of up to 10 Ethernet and 4 Wi-Fi connections at the same time! The user can update firmware over these connections for even more convenience. Wi-Fi connectivity also allows the user to adjust the console from the stage or live room via the Peavey app (available for iOS/Android/Mac/PC) to get the sound just right.

All UNITY DR16 outputs feature a parametric EQ, a 31-band graphic EQ in cascade and an automatic feedback eliminator. The mixer's advanced monitoring capabilities allow selectable monitor sources, as well as the ability to leverage Aux 3/4 as stereo or mono monitor sends. The UNITY DR16 features real solos on the monitor for all inputs, Aux, and Efx (all solos go to the monitor with the levels assigned in their respective busses). SOLO even applies to the DCA, of which there's an abundant 4 on board. If headroom is a concern, the Clip Limiter ensures no clipping even when exceeding the input level or internal process gain levels.

The UNITY DR16 also offers unprecedented expansion and extension. Expand the mixer’s inputs by combining multiple DR16s to add 12 input channels for every connected DR16. An Extension Card provides the option to make input channels 13 through 16 analog unbalanced/balanced inputs, S/PDIF, or Dante, with other options to come.

Digital mixers are becoming increasingly popular, and Peavey's getting in on the action with the UNITY DR16, a 16-channel mixer with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It offers four and ten simultaneous connections respectively, making mixing and mastering child's play! All eight XLR/TRS combo inputs have Silencer mic preamps, and you can tweak your tone to perfection using Peavey’s Mid-Morph function. What's more, this mix rack can be expanded to make an enormous rack for a huge stage sound!

These days, lots of sound technicians are seen adjusting the mix with a tablet in their hand. The UNITY DR16 also offers this practical functionality thanks to a special app developed by Peavey themselves. With it, you can adjust everything just the way you want it. If you want to spotlight certain instruments while mixing a live performance, you can select the monitor source and fully isolate it from the rest. With four effects processors at your disposal, you can add a little extra if necessary or lessen the effect by activating the feedback eliminator. You can also play some music between sets via a USB stick and use the same USB stick to record the band's performance.


  • Peavey Unity DR 16 Channel Rack Mount WiFi Digital Mixer with 8 Mic Preamps
  • fully expandable with expansion card
  • 8x Silencer mic preamps
  • priority ducker on all inputs
  • possibility to mute groups and solo inputs
  • input EQs equipped with Peavey’s Mid-Morph
  • switchable feedback eliminator available per channel
  • 4 effects processors
  • up to 10 Ethernet and 4 Wi-Fi simultaneous connections
  • parametric and 31-band graphic EQ on outputs
  • selectable monitor sources with actual solo possibility
  • connectors:
  • 8x XLR/TRS combo
  • 6x jack (2x Hi-Z)
  • 2x mini jack
  • Ethernet (RJ45)
  • USB (play/record)
  • 6x XLR out (2x main)
  • headphone: jack
  • 19 inches: yes
  • Number of analogue input channels: 9 - 16
  • Number of analogue output channels: 6
  • Number of digital input channels: 2
  • Number of digital output channels: 1
  • Number of channels: 9 - 16
  • Number of microphone inputs: 5 - 8
  • AES/EBU I/O: not specified
  • Digital snake: no
  • Dynamics: none
  • Equalizer: none
  • Input connector: jack (3.5mm stereo), jack (6.3 mm), jack (6.3mm stereo), jack (6.3 mm) + XLR, Ethernet (RJ45), USB
  • Built-in audio interface: available separately (via expansion card)
  • Built-in audio player: USB
  • Built-in effects: DSP / misc.
  • Insert connectors: yes
  • Level meters on the inputs: peak LED
  • Can be controlled remotely: via iPad, via iPhone, via Android device, via Ethernet, via Wi-Fi
  • Position of connectors: front
  • Type of display: none
  • Expansion options: DANTE expansion card, S/PDIF expansion card, expansion card for analogue I/O
  • Output connector: XLR (3-pins)
  • Power mixer: power cable
  • Volume control: via PC / Mac, via iPad / iPhone / iPod, via Android

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How to Set Up Your RPA5 & RPA9:

Video of RPA5:

Heavy-Duty Powerhouse Pro Amplifier
The Rockville RPA5 1000-watt power amplifier combines efficiency with great sound to deliver a lightweight amplifier that packs a ton of punch. This amplifier is engineered using advanced design and components creating a lightweight design and extremely reliable operation that can pound daily for years and years of use. The computerized IC controlled protection circuitry allows delivery of peak power while preventing overloads. The RPA5 is optimized for 4 and 8-ohm speakers, and is equipped with a stereo/mono speaker output switch allowing for quick system impedance optimization. The RPA9 amp fits perfectly into standard 19” racks, and is lightweight enough (less than 30 lbs.) to make it incredibly easy to transport.

Top features!
We added a built in crossover so that you can use the amplifier for subwoofers or full range speakers. When connecting subwoofers simply select the low pass. We also added a link output which will allow you to use (2) of these amplifiers together at the same time for venues that demand even more power.

The other enhancement we made is that we added all the input and output terminals that ensure this amplifier is compatible with any setup!

We added XLR and ¼” combo jacks and RCA inputs making this amp perfect for any mixer and any speakers on the market. For outputs, we have banana and speakon outputs plus XLR direct outputs.

Mono Subwoofer-ready
A stereo/mono switch on the rear of the system allows for quick configuration to use multiple speakers in stereo mode or a single subwoofer in mono mode.

Power Ratings:

  • RMS Power Output:
  • Stereo 8 Ohm: 2 x 125W
  • Stereo 4 Ohm: 2 x 250W
  • Bridged 4 Ohm: 1 x 500W
  • Peak Power Output:
  • Stereo 8 Ohm: 2 x 250W Max
  • Stereo 4 Ohm: 2 x 400W Max
  • Bridged 4 Ohm: 1 x 1000W Max


  • Input Terminals:
  • Combo jack (XLR and ¼”) A & B inputs
  • RCA A & B Inputs
  • Output Terminals:
  • Banana binding post speaker output
  • Speakon output
  • XLR direct output


  • Rockville RPA5 1000 Watt Peak 2 Channel Professional/DJ Rack Mount Amplifier
  • 2U rack space
  • Bridged and Stereo output switch makes this perfect for (2) subwoofer, (2) speakers, or (4) speakers
  • Built in crossover switch allows make this perfect for speakers, monitors, or subwoofers
  • Channel A & B Clipping Led Indicators
  • Channel A & B Separate Level Controls
  • Power, signal, overload, clipping, and protection LED indicators on front of amp
  • Heavy duty rack mount ears with handles
  • Built-in dual high velocity quiet cooling fans
  • Maximum headroom for 4-ohm and 8-ohm Speakers
  • Level controls for precise setting and matching of sensitivity
  • Computer controlled IC protection circuitry against speaker short circuit, thermal over load, DC over load
  • User serviceable fuse (4A, 250V)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz <+/- 0.5dB
  • Distortion: <0.03%
  • Input Impedance:  20K Ohm Balanced and 10K Ohm Unbalanced
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 102dB
  • Power Requirements: 120V / 50-60Hz
  • Weight: 13.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18.97 x 11.02 x 3.54 inch 

Owner’s Manual

Video of RCXFM20E-B:


All Rockville pro audio cables are made with 100% copper which boosts the efficiency of the cable. There is nothing better than 100% copper. Most of the cheaper cables on the market do not use 100% copper, instead they make their cables with CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). CCA cables do not perform on the level that 100% copper cables perform at. CCA will not conduct signals efficiently. A 12 gauge CCA cable will not even perform as well as a 14 gauge 100% pure copper cable, which will in turn, affect the performance and longevity of your equipment. If you find cables on the market that do not mention the copper content, there is a good chance that they are selling you a cheaper cable that is CCA and not 100% copper. Rockville pays an inspection company to oversee the manufacturing of the product to ensure that we provide a 100% Oxygen Free Copper Cable (OFC). Our OFC cables are less prone to oxidation, and will provide maximum signal transfer.
 The other important factor of a cable is the shielding. Most of the good brands on the market have about 85% shielding coverage, so we decided to take our shielding a step further. Rockville cables are shielded with a tight copper mesh, covering 90% of the cable! The high percentage of coverage increases the ability to absorb the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that suppresses signal and degrades the performance of equipment. Rockville Cable’s copper shielding provides great flexibility, maintains a durable structural integrity, while decreasing signal interference ensuring enhanced signal clarity with every use.


  • Rockville RCXFM20E-B Black 20 Foot Nickel Plated Female to Male XLR Microphone Cable
  • XLR Connectors with Internal Strain Relief for Rugged Reliability
  • 100% Copper Conductors for Enhanced Signal Clarity
  • 90% OFC Spiral Shield for Effective EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility
  • Length: 20 Ft
  • Color: Black
  • UPC:
  • 613815686484

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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