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Rockville Weather Proof Speaker Bag Carry Case For Rockville RPG15 15" Speaker

TB15 Rockville RPG15
$119.99 $59.95
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AS-TB15 Rockville RPG15

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All about your TB15:


The Rockville TB15 15" Speaker bag was designed to fit the most popular 15" PA speaker cabinets. Our speaker bag features thicker foam padding, providing an extra layer of protection for your favorite speaker. We also added a compartment on the side of the bag to hold your speaker stand. Simply slide your stand in, close the buckle, and you can strap it as tight as you want. Another cool feature we added was in the interior of the bag, where we added 2 buckles with tightening straps; so you can easily strap your speaker in place, so it won't move around while you are carrying it.

The padded interior protects your speakers while in transit to and from your gig. We know how important your speakers are, so we made sure these speaker bags were built to withstand the rigors of frequent transport. They are both rugged, water resistant and feature dual reinforced handles which not only protect against wear but also distribute the weight of the speaker evenly making transport a breeze.

We designed our speaker bags to make the loading and unloading of your speakers and stands fast and easy. We are so confident that you will be impressed with the build quality and comfort of our speaker bag that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you do not feel these bags make the transport of your speakers easier and more comfortable, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label and refund you in full so buy with confidence!


  • Rockville TB15 Padded Rugged Speaker Bag Carry Case For 15" DJ PA Speakers + Stand
  • All new model with speaker stand holder
  • Side of the bag has a pocket with strap and buckle to hold your stands
  • All new model has interior straps and buckles to hold your speaker in place during transport
  • All new model has thicker foam padding for better protection
  • Rain and splash resistant
  • Dual YKK zippers
  • Dual handles
  • Interior Dimensions: 28.55" x 17.72" x 17.12"
  • Exterior Dimensions: 29.33" x 18.5" x 17.9"
  • Bag weight: 5.3 lbs.

Fits Speakers Such As:

  • Acoustic Audio AA15BT
  • ALTO TS315
  • Alto TX315
  • American Audio ELS15BT
  • Atlas SMP-15
  • Atlas Sound SMA-15
  • Bag End CDS-112
  • Bag End D12E-I
  • Behringer B115D
  • Behringer B115MP3
  • Behringer B115W
  • Behringer B15X
  • Behringer B215D
  • Behringer B215XL
  • Behringer PK115
  • Bose F1 Model 812
  • Bose F1M812
  • Community IP6-1122WR66
  • Community IP6-1122WR99
  • Community V2-1596
  • Community W2-112
  • Community W2-112W
  • Community W2-312-64H
  • Community W2-312-64HW
  • Community IP6-1122WR26
  • Community IP6-1122WR64
  • Community IP6-1122WR94
  • Community IP6-1122WR96
  • Community IV6-1122-05
  • Community IV6-1122-15
  • Community IV6-1122WR15
  • Community W2-312-94HT
  • DAS AERO-20A-120
  • DAS WR-6412-DXW
  • DAS ACTION-515
  • DAS AERO-20A
  • DAS ALTEA-412
  • DAS ALTEA-715
  • DAS ALTEA-715A
  • DAS ARTEC-315.96
  • DB Technologies DVX-D12-HP
  • DB Technologies KL-15
  • EAW MKD1064
  • EAW KF394
  • EAW MKD1026
  • EAW RS 121
  • EAW RS 123
  • Electro-Voice ELX115
  • Electro-Voice ELX115P-120V
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-15
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-15P
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-15P-DUAL-K
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-15P-SINGLE-K
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-15P-US
  • Electro-Voice QRX-112/75-BLK
  • Electro-Voice ZLX-15
  • Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT
  • Gemini GSP-2200
  • Harbinger V2315
  • HK Audio L5-112FA
  • HK Audio L7-112FA
  • JBL 9320
  • JBL AM5212/00
  • JBL AM5212/26
  • JBL AM5212/64
  • JBL AM5212/95
  • JBL AM7212
  • JBL AM7212-64
  • JBL EON612
  • JBL EON615
  • JBL EON712
  • JBL EON715
  • JBL Professional EON700
  • JBL PRX815W
  • JBL PRX815W-DUAL-2-K
  • LD Systems ICOA12A
  • LD Systems ICOA12ABT
  • Mackie C300z
  • Mackie DRM315P
  • Mackie Thump15A
  • Mackie Thump15BST
  • Mackie C300z
  • Mackie DRM 215
  • Mackie DRM12A
  • Mackie DRM12A-P
  • Mackie DRM212
  • Mackie DRM212-P
  • Mackie SRM212
  • Mackie SRM212-V-CLASS
  • Mackie SRM450v3
  • Mackie SRM450-V3-DUAL-K
  • Mackie SRT212
  • Mackie Thrash212
  • Mackie Thrash215
  • Mackie Thump15A
  • Mackie THUMP-15A-DUAL-2-K
  • Mackie THUMP-15A-DUAL-3-K
  • Mackie Thump15BST
  • Mackie THUMP-15BST-DUAL-4-K
  • Martin Audio T1215
  • Martin Audio T1230
  • Martin Audio XP15
  • Nexo PS15UR
  • Nexo PS15UR-PW
  • Nexo GEOS1210ST
  • Nexo GEOS1230
  • Nexo PS15UL
  • Nexo PS15UL-PW
  • Peavey IMPULSE-1015-II
  • Peavey PVX-12
  • Peavey DM 112
  • Peavey DM112
  • Peavey DM115
  • Peavey PVxP12DSP
  • Peavey SSE12wht
  • Pioneer XY-122
  • Pioneer XPRS12
  • PreSonus AIR15
  • PreSonus ULT15
  • QSC E115
  • QSC AP-5122
  • QSC KW122
  • RCF ART-932A
  • RCF C5212-64
  • RCF C5212-66
  • RCF C5212-94
  • RCF ART-712A-MK4
  • RCF ART-715A-MK4
  • RCF ART-732A-MK4
  • RCF ART-735A-MK4
  • RCF ART-745A-MK4
  • RCF ART-912A
  • RCF C5212-96
  • RCF C5212-99
  • RCF HD35-A
  • Rockville BPA15
  • Rockville RPG15
  • Rockville TITAN 15
  • Samson RL115A
  • Samson RS112A
  • Samson RS115A
  • Technical Pro VRTX12
  • Turbosound NuQ122-WH
  • Turbosound iQ15
  • Turbosound iX15
  • Turbosound M15
  • Turbosound NuQ122
  • Turbosound NuQ122-AN
  • Turbosound NuQ152
  • Turbosound NuQ152-AN
  • Turbosound NuQ152-WH
  • Yamaha DBR15
  • Yamaha IF2112/64W YI
  • Yamaha IF2112/ASW
  • Yamaha C112V
  • Yamaha CBR15
  • Yamaha CHR15
  • Yamaha CZR12
  • Yamaha DBR15
  • Yamaha DHR15
  • Yamaha DXR15mkII
  • Yamaha DZR12
  • Yamaha DZR12-D
  • Yamaha IF2112/AS
  • Yamaha S112V
  • Yorkville PS12P
  • Yorkville NX25P-2
  • Yorkville NX55P-2
  • UPC:
  • 613815621874

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

New orders ship within 1 business day
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