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Rockville TB10 Padded Speaker Bag Carry Case For 10" DJ PA Speakers+Stand

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All about your TB10:


The Rockville TB10 10" Speaker bag was designed to fit the most popular 10" PA speaker cabinets. Our speaker bag features thicker foam padding, providing an extra layer of protection for your favorite speaker. We also added a compartment on the side of the bag to hold your speaker stand. Simply slide your stand in, close the buckle, and you can strap it as tight as you want. Another cool feature we added was in the interior of the bag, where we added 2 buckles with tightening straps; you can easily strap your speaker in place, so it won't move around while you are carrying it.

The padded interior protects your speakers while in transit to and from your gig. We know how important your speakers are, so we made sure these speaker bags were built to withstand the rigors of frequent transport. They are both rugged, water resistant and feature dual reinforced handles which not only protect against wear but also distribute the weight of the speaker evenly making transport a breeze.

We designed our speaker bags to make the loading and unloading of your speakers and your stands fast and easy. We are so confident that you will be impressed with the build quality and comfort of our speaker bag that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you do not feel these bags make the transport of your speakers easier and more comfortable, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label and refund you in full so buy with confidence!


  • Rockville TB10 Padded Rugged Speaker Bag Carry Case For 10" DJ PA Speakers + Stand
  • All new model with speaker stand holder
  • Side of the bag has a pocket with strap and buckle to hold your stands
  • All new model has interior straps and buckles to hold your speaker in place during transport
  • All new model has thicker foam padding for better protection
  • Rain and splash resistant
  • Dual YKK zippers
  • Dual handles
  • Interior Dimensions: 21.66" x 13.13" x 13.98" inch
  • Exterior Dimensions: 22.44" x 13.78" x 14.76" inch

Fits Speakers Such As:

  • Acoustic Audio PA-365X
  • Alto Professional TS310-ALTO
  • Alto TS310
  • Alto TX310
  • Anchor Audio LIB2-AIR
  • Anchor Audio LIB2-U2
  • Anchor Audio LIB2-XU2
  • Atlas Sound SMA-12
  • Bag End TA1202-R
  • Behringer B110D
  • Behringer B112D
  • Behringer B112MP3
  • Behringer B112W
  • Behringer B12X
  • Behringer B210D
  • Behringer B212D
  • Behringer B212XL
  • Behringer PK110
  • Behringer PK112
  • DB Technologies B-H10
  • DB Technologies DVX-D10-HP
  • DB Technologies DVX-P10
  • DB Technologies KL-10
  • DB Technologies OPERA-10
  • DB Technologies OPERA-10-DUAL-K
  • DB Technologies VIO-X10
  • EAW JF10
  • EAW RSX89
  • Edison EP-T1
  • Electro-Voice ZX1-90W
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-10
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-10P
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-10P-DUAL-K
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-10P-US
  • Electro-Voice ELX200-10-W
  • Electro-Voice ETX-10P
  • Electro-Voice ETX-10P-US
  • Electro-Voice ZX1-90
  • Electro-Voice ZXA1-90B-120V
  • Fender Audio Fighter10
  • Fender Audio Fighter12
  • Galaxy Audio TV10-0010H00G
  • HK Audio L7-110XA
  • JBL AC895
  • JBL AC1826WH
  • JBL AC1895-WH
  • JBL Control29AVB
  • JBL Control29AVW
  • JBL EON610
  • JBL EON710
  • JBL IRX-108BT
  • Kustom KPX10A
  • Mackie SRT210
  • Mackie C200
  • Mackie SRM210
  • Mackie SRM210-V-CLASS
  • Mackie SRM350v3
  • Martin Audio CDD-LIVE12
  • Martin Audio X10
  • Martin Audio X12
  • Martin Audio XD12
  • McCauley ID1.108-96
  • Nexo PS10UL
  • Nexo PS10UR-PW
  • Nexo PS10UR
  • Peavey PVX-10
  • Peavey RBN 110
  • Pioneer XY-101
  • Pioneer XPRS10
  • Pioneer XY-81
  • PreSonus AIR10
  • Pyle PPHP101WMB
  • Pyle PPHP844B
  • Pyle PSBT105A
  • QSC CP12
  • QSC K10.2
  • QSC K8.2
  • QSC E110
  • RCF C3110-126
  • RCF TT08-A-MK2
  • RCF ART-708A-MK4
  • RCF ART-710A-MK4
  • RCF C3110-96
  • RCF TT10-A-MK2
  • Renkus-Heinz CX81
  • Rockville BPA10
  • Rockville BPA12
  • Rockville RPG10
  • Rockville RPG10BT
  • Rockville RPG10BT V2
  • Rockville RSG8
  • Rockville SPGN104
  • Rockville SPGN108
  • Samson Auro D210
  • Samson RS110A
  • Sound Town CALLISTO-8
  • Tannoy VX12
  • Tannoy VX12Q
  • Tannoy VXP12
  • Tannoy VXP12-WH
  • Turbosound NuQ102
  • Turbosound NuQ102-WH
  • Turbosound iP82
  • Turbosound iQ10
  • Turbosound iQ8
  • Turbosound M10
  • Turbosound NuQ102-AN
  • Turbosound NuQ82-AN
  • Yamaha A12
  • Yamaha CBR10
  • Yamaha CBR10-CA
  • Yamaha CHR10
  • Yamaha CZR10
  • Yamaha DBR10
  • Yamaha DHR10
  • Yamaha DXR10MKII
  • Yamaha DXR12MKII
  • Yamaha DXR8MKII
  • Yamaha DZR10
  • Yamaha DZR10-D
  • Yorkville E10P
  • Yorkville EF10P
  • Yorkville YXL10P
  • UPC:
  • 819216022399

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

New orders ship within 3 business days
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