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Soundstream Scx-4 4 Farad Car Audio Capacitor + Complete 0 Gauge Wire Kit W/ RCA

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Items included in this bundle

Package Includes:

  • (1) New Soundstream SCX-4 Farad Car Capacitor
  • (1) Rockville RWK01 0 Gauge Complete Car Amp Wiring Installation Wire Kit w/ RCA's

Description of SCX-4:

No bogus ratings! No surprises! What is advertised is what you will get. Soundstream capacitors are legit. They are an honest company and they write honest ratings on their products. This is a solid capacitor that will perform way better than others on the market we have tested.

We actually stopped carrying 2 brands of capacitors because they were not properly helping manage the power of the systems they were tested in. Unfortunately there is no standard you can test a capacitor. You can just tell if its working or not. The Soundstream brand is a good option for capacitors.

This has a blue voltage display meter, along with a really nice chrome designed casing. This model also has a flashing LED light show that will add style points to your isntallation.

This capacitor will stop your headlights from dimming, and it will ensure that all the power from your amp reaches your speakers, without any power leaking out. If you are using extreme powered amplifiers without a capacitor like this one, it is almost a guarantee that your amp will not be able to get powered properly, and you will lose power because of that.

Mounting hardware and mounting brackets are included in the box. This will make the finish to your install look more professional (specially at night). Most importantly, it will make your system sound better, by giving your amps the power they need to operate efficiently.


  • 4.0 Farad Storage Capacity
  • True-World Ratings
  • 18 volt average output
  • 24VDC Surge Rated
  • PCB with Blue LED Display
  • Volt Activated Flashing Blue LEDs
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Chrome plated
  • Compatible with any gauge wires
  • Constant Blue LED Accent Ring
  • +/-10% Tolerance
  • E.S.R. <.002m Ohm
  • State of the art hybrid performance
  • Nickel plated brass terminal blocks
  • Mounting brackets and hardware included

Video of RWK01:


The Rockville RWK01 0 AWG (American Wire Gauge) amp kit has the following differences over other amp kits on the market at this price point.

1. Our RCA cables are 100 % copper. These are top of the line RCA cables

2. Better Resistance: The only thing that really matters with wires is the resistance rating. This is a measurement of conductivity and how much signal is lost per foot of wire. Since Rockville wires are made with around 3 times as much copper as any other wire at this price point, these wires have a much better resistance rating which means they will transfer more power to your amps than the other brands.

3. We do not cheat you on the thickness of the wire. These are standard American wire gauge thickness. This is another reason our conductivity is better than anything else at this price point. Other brands in the market place write 4 gauge, but cheat you on the thickness. We are honest about the thickness.

4. The Rockville amplifier installation kits feature a new soft abrasion proof insulating jacket. This rugged PVC outer jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility over standard power cables making them extremely easy to route through your vehicles interior, and it maintains exceptional resistance to grease and oil. The PVC outer jacket can with-stand an extreme temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees F.


  • Rockville RWK01 0 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Complete Car Amp Installation Wire Kit
  • 17’ – 0 Gauge Translucent Blue SuperFlex Power Cable
  • 3’ – 0 Gauge Translucent Black SuperFlex Ground Cable
  • Gold Plated ANL Heat Resistance Fuse Holder
  • 200 Amp ANL Gold Plated Fuse
  • 1 – 17’ High Grade Twisted Pair of RCA Interconnects
  • 25’ Translucent Blue Speaker Wire
  • 7’ Split Loom Tubing
  • 17’ Amplifier Remote Turn On Cable
  • Wire Ties and Ring Terminals, and all other accessories you need for a clean installation
  • Soft abrasion proof insulating jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility
  • PVC outer jacket can with-stand an extreme temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees F


  • UPC:
  • 613816190010

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —

New orders ship within 2 business day
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