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Rockville ROCKMIX 6FX USB Computer Recording Interface Bluetooth Mixer w/Effects

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What's in the Box:

  • Mixer
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • USB interface cable


The Rockville RockMix 6FX is the perfect compact solution for recording, streaming, live performances, gyms, restaurants, podcasting, karaoke and more. This mixer is packed with all of the important features that you need.

The built in effects engine on this mixer has 16 amazing sounding effects, ranging from reverbs / delays, lush choruses to voice canceler. We use a high-resolution 24 bit DSP effects processor, which makes them sound so crisp. These sound better than most external FX processors and are easier to integrate into your setup.

The built-in USB interface allows you to record the master output of all the channels to the recording software on your computer. The USB interface will also allow you to easily play back songs or other audio from your computer or laptop to either the main mix or the headphones output of the mixer.

The USB interface is also perfect for podcasting. It is the bridge to get your computer audio to your speakers or to get your audio output to your computer for recording or live streaming.

Our low-noise mic pre-amps are clean, with a lot of headroom, ensuring a clear sound. Mic pre-amps are one of the most important parts of a mixer. A good quality pre-amp such as this one makes a world of a difference in the sound.

The 2-band EQ and panning allows you to customize the sound the way you want it. We added pro Bluetooth connectivity, so you can have wireless playback whether you're in a gym, restaurant, home, or any other place where you do not want to hard-wire your playback device. The Bluetooth is also a great way to have guests call to your podcast show.

Channels 1 and 2 have XLR and ¼” combo jack inputs. Then you get 2 stereo channels that can accept a variety of sources ranging from microphones to any mono/stereo instruments. Channels 1 and 2 have 48V phantom power for use with condenser mics.

Channels 3 and 4 are great because you have the option to route the effects to these channels.

Channels 5 and 6 can accept a variety of sources ranging from microphones to any mono/stereo instruments.

The clipping indicators on CH1 and 2 will prevent you from adding too much gain, making it easy to set your levels accurately.

This solid steel mixer is built like a Rock! Every component, including all potentiometers and knobs are extremely high grade.

If you are using this for Karaoke you will love our vocal canceller function that will remove the vocals so you can sing along to the music!


  • Rockville RockMix 6FX 6 Channel Mixer with USB Recording Interface, Effects and Bluetooth
  • Channels 1 and 2 have XLR / ¼” Mic/Line input combo jacks with gain and volume control, 2-band EQ, pan, 48V phantom power, pad, FX
  • Ch 2 has an Hi-Z impedance switch which allows you to easily integrate instruments such as electric/acoustic guitar, bass or synth into your setup
  • (CH3-4) ¼” jack Line input with volume control, gain-switch and FX
  • (CH5-6) ¼” jack Line input with gain-switch and volume control
  • USB audio interface can be assigned to Main Mix output or headset output
  • XLR Main mix balanced L/R output
  • ¼” Main mixed unbalanced L/R output
  • ¼” Headset output
  • 24 Bit FX engine with 16 DSP Effects (Each effect sounds great)
  • Built in professional Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • Main mix master volume knob
  • Built in USB interface will send the Main Mix to your favorite DAW
  • Interface will be identified and addressed as an external sound card in your DAW
  • Peak LED indicator detects clipping on channel (CH1-2)
  • Main mix has left and right LED volume meters and clip indicators
  • Power on LED indicator
  • Our design is Simple, flexible, and highly-efficient
  • Super linear mic preamp with low noise (this uses a top of the line mic pre normally found in very expensive mixers)
  • This mixer is built out of solid steel metal and when you pick it up you immediately can feel the weight and how solid it is
  • All knobs and potentiometers are super sturdy and linear
  • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones on CH1 and 2
  • BUS powered allows you to power the mixer by plugging it into the USB port of your computer or laptop
  • Mixer includes a power adapter so you can power the mixer either through the wall or USB
  • British EQ circuitry is designed to emulate the classic EQ from the legendary mixers that came out in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 8.27" x 6.22" x 2.09"
  • UPC:
  • 613817056858

New orders ship within 1 business day
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