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Mackie ProFX22v3 22-Channel 4-Bus Effects Mixer w/USB ProFX22 v3+ 6) Mics+Cases

ProFX22v3+RMC-3PK+TC PRO Triple Black
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AS-ProFX22v3+RMC-3PK+TC PRO Triple Black

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Items included in this bundle

Package Includes:
  • (1) Mackie ProFX22v3 22-Channel 4-Bus Professional Effects Mixer w/USB ProFX22 v3
  • (1) Rockville RMC-3PK 3 Pack Metal Wired Vocal/Instrument/DJ Microphones+Metal Case
  • (1) Rockville TC PRO Triple Black 3-Pack Metal Wired Microphones Mics w/Travel Case

Description of ProFX22v3:

Mackie ProFXv3 Series mixers are the ultimate compact and affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and modern content creation needs.


  • Mackie ProFX22v3 22-Channel 4-Bus Professional Effects Mixer w/USB ProFX22 v3
  • 22 Channel 4-BusProfessional Effects Mixer with USB
  • Better Preamps
  • New and Improved Digital FX
  • Higher Resolution Recording w/ 2x4 USB I/O
  • Single Knob Compressors on most mixers
  • Waveform
  • OEM™ DAW and DAW Essentials Collection™ of 16 FX plugins for use with any DAW
  • Onyx mic preamps offer 60db of gain
  • Single-knob compression per channel
  • 24 built-in FX (including 8 new ones)
  • 24-Bit/192kHz recording with 2x4 USB I/O
  • Zero-latency hardware monitoring
23 Included Plugins:
  • Avid 304E EQ – Add musical warmth with a legendary treble and bass equalizer with sweepable mid control
  • Avid 304C Compressor – Tweak the clarity, balance, and rhythmic feel of music with this photo optical compressor
  • BBD Delay — Create delay, chorus, and vibrato effects based on the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man*
  • Black Op Distortion — Add rich distortion based on the Pro Co Rat* pedal
  • Black Shiny Wah — Achieve the famous classic tones of the VOX V846* pedal
  • Black Spring Reverb — Get the twang and space of the blackface-era Fender Spring Reverb units*
  • C1 Chorus — Get the unmistakable sounds of the Boss CE-1 Chorus* with this emulator
  • DC Distortion — Dial up a range of overdriven tones with this Avid custom distortion effect
  • Eleven Lite — Get the sound of popular guitar amps and speaker cabinets
  • Flanger — Create unique sounds with this homage to vintage and modern flangers
  • Graphic EQ — Sculpt frequencies with ease
  • Gray Compressor — Add warmth to tracks based on the gray-colored Ross* compressor
  • Green JRC Overdrive — Get the coveted sounds of the Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer*
  • In-Tune — Keep your instruments in tune with this digital tuner
  • Orange Phaser — Create interesting effects with this phase shifter based on the MXR Phase 90*
  • Roto Speaker — Re-create the sounds of a Leslie* rotary speaker cabinet
  • Sci-Fi — Add analog synth-type ring and frequency modulation
  • Studio Reverb — Create natural-sounding reverb and ambient effects
  • Tape Echo — Add vintage analog delay and chorus effects
  • Tri Knob Fuzz — Get the Hendrix tone with this fuzz box based on the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi*
  • Vari-Fi — Create the effect of audio changing tape speed
  • Vibe Phaser — Add phase-shift and rotary speaker effects based on the Univox Uni-Vibe*
  • White Boost — Boost gain without coloring tone with this homage to the Xotic RC Booster*


  • Mic Pres: 17
  • Single Knob Compressors: 12
  • User Controls: Analog input/USB return blend knob
  • FX Section: 24 brand new, easy-to-use effects
  • USB Recording: 2 x 4 24-bit / 192kHz high-resolution recording via USB
  • Software: Waveform OEM™ DAW and DAW Essentials Collection™ of 16 FX plug-ins for use with any DAW
  • Height: 4.4"
  • Width: 17.1"
  • Depth: 24.1"
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs

How to Set Up Your RMC-3PK:
Video of RMC-3PK:

What's Included:

  • (3) Fully metal wired mics
  • (3) Mic clips
  • (1) Aluminium carry case
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty


The Rockville RMC-3PK are the same exact microphones we use in our Pro Mic Kit 1 microphone/stand bundle. These microphones were created because we saw a need in the market for a high quality microphone at an affordable price. We found there were a lot of good mics around from reputable brands that sound great, but are very expensive. When we looked at the cheaper mics on the market from both reputable and entry level brands; we were not impressed at all. As a result we sent our very own product developers on a mic testing journey. A lot of our employees here at Rockville love to do karaoke, so it was not long before we found a mic that we all loved.

You may be asking yourselves, so what makes these mics sound so good? Our mics use an M-56 cartridge which have neodymium magnets. This supplies better sensitivity; which means your mouth will not have to be on the mic for it to pick up the sound. Our components supply more than a great pickup pattern. They have very little background noise, and great tone.

The body of the microphone is also something we paid a lot of attention too. We did not want it to be too light and feel cheap. We made nice solid metal microphones. They have a great feel to them. We could have gone with plastic or cheaper metal, but we wanted to go with mics that we ourselves would want to use.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee including return shipping!

If within the first 90 days you are not 100 % satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will send you a return label and give you all your money back! (Item must be returned complete with all accessories and the original box please).


    • Rockville RMC-3PK 3 Pack Metal Wired Vocal/Instrument/DJ Microphones + Metal Case
    • Mic Features:
    • M-56 Cartridge
    • Full metal mic body
    • Type: dynamic
    • Neodymium magnet
    • Polar Pattern: uni-directional
    • Frequency Response: 80 - 13Khz
    • Impedance: 600 Ohms ± 30%
    • Sensitivity: -72 ± 3dB
    • Case: High quality Aluminium carry case protects the mic during transportation
    • (3) Heavy Duty Standard Size Microphone Clips
    • Stand Mountable
    • Color: Black


    • Shipping weight: 2.04 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 12.4” x 9.25” x 3.94”

    Owner’s Manual



    What's Included:

    • (3) Fully electro-plated metal wired mics
    • (3) Mic clips
    • Aluminum carry case
    • Owner’s manual
    • Warranty

    • Rockville TC PRO Triple Black – (3) Pack of Electro-Plated Handheld Wired Microphones With Taiwan Cartridges!
    • Includes Black Microphones

    Mic Features:

    • Cartridge is made in Taiwan (Much higher quality than the standard China ones)
    • High sensitivity
    • Full frequency range
    • Distortion free
    • No unwanted pop noises
    • Full metal mic body
    • feels nice in your hands
    • withstands drops and any other abuse
    • Beautiful electro-plated finish looks nicer and shinier than ordinary paint. It also is more scratch resistant
    • Type: dynamic
    • Neodymium magnet is more efficient and stronger allowing the mic to sound clean even at high volume
    • Polar Pattern: uni-directional
    • Frequency Response: 50Hz- 15Khz
    • Impedance: 450Ω ± 15% at 1 KHz
    • Sensitivity: -54 ± 2dB(0dB=1v/ubar at 1KHZ)
    • Weight of mic: 0.57 Lbs
    • Dimensions of mic - Height: 7.52” / Max diameter 2.13” inches

    Case Features:

    • High quality Aluminium carry case protects the mic during transportation
    • Comfortably holds microphone and mic clip

    Mic clip Features:

    • Heavy Duty Standard Size Microphone Clip Fits on any standard mic stand
    • Solid Plastic Construction with copper threading
    • Black Color

    Owner’s Manual

    1 YEAR
    • UPC:
    • 613816436743

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

    New orders ship within 1 business day
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