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The New Rockville MINI RF3 RF4 CHARGING CASE For 8 Lights - MINI RF3 or MINI RF4

Posted by ROCKVILLE on 18th May 2023


The Mini RF3 RF4 CHARGING CASE is the perfect solution for protecting your lights during transport as well as charging your lights efficiently. This case is compatible with MINI RF3 and MINI RF4. It will hold 8 of these lights or similarly sized lights.

This durable rolling hard case can take a beating! We drop tested it with lights in it from 5 feet in the air on both sides and the case and lights did not get damaged. When you are ready to charge your lights after your gig or before your next gig, simply plug the fixtures into the central outlets within the case, and plug the case into the wall. (Keep the case open while charging so the lights stay cool.) The case will also hold your lights and power cables and remotes.


  • Rockville MINI RF3 RF4 CHARGING CASE transport and charging case for 8 MINI RF3 MINI RF4 or similar size lights
  • Easily transports up to 8 lights
  • Fits lights up to 5.7 inch Length x 5.24 inch Width x 1.89 inch Height
  • Compartment to store power cables and remotes
  • 8 individual charging outlets
  • Case is stackable
  • Protects your fixtures during transportation with foam padding
  • Material: Aluminum frame and Plywood net design
  • Inside Protection: High density shockproof foam
  • Carry Handle
  • Includes power cable
  • built in power strip for 8 lights
  • power switch with charging light indicator
  • Fuse: 10A
  • Dimensions of outer case (inches): 24.21" Length x 18.11" Width x 9.45" Height
  • Dimensions of each light compartment (inches): 6.3" Length x 5.51" Width x 2.36" Height
  • Unit Weight: 18.3 Lbs (With no lights inside)
  • Important: You must keep the case open when charging so the lights stay cool