10,000 Youtube and Facebook Sweepstake

10,000 Youtube and Facebook Sweepstake

Posted by Daniel on 11th Jun 2018

Whats up everyone!

We are excited to announce our new giveaway! Simply like and follow our Facebook and Youtube page to be entered into a the free giveaway. Watch our video below for more information: 

First Place Winner!

Rockville DB16

Our first place winner will get a DB16! A D monoblock high power amplifier with 8,000 watts peak output, 4,000 watts RMS output, and 2,000 watts CEA-2006 rated power.

This Amp will give you a crazy boost in sound quality and power into your car audio system. This amp has a fully adjustable 12dB/Octave crossover with differential circuitry. Other features include a subsonic filter, a fully adjustable bass equalizer, mute and delay soft start technology, a phase control switch, and a dashboard subwoofer control for added convenience. The dB16 is protected by a full IC controlled circuit and has professional peak limiter circuitry guaranteeing distortion free music playback at all levels.

Second Place Winner!

R7EQ 7 Band Car Equalizer

Our second place winner will have the chance to win our new R7EQ 7 - Band Car Audio Equalizer. The R7EQ features rear sub output and can control frequencies such as 50Hz,125Hz,315Hz,750Hz,2.2KHz,6KHz and 12KHz with its adjustable knobs.  This Equalizer is a perfect addition to any car audio enthusiast that wants to have more control over there sound system! You can find out more about the R7EQ here : Link

Third Place Winner!

Our Third Place Winner will have the chance to win a mystery box with item(s) that we are sure your going to love! 

Its that simple, just follow us on Facebook and YouTube and send us a message telling us you have subscribed to be entered to win!