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(2) Kicker 10CVX104 CVX 10" 2400w Car Subwoofers+Dual Vented Sub Box + Rockmat

(2) 10CVX10-4+RDV10+K2+RM36
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Package Includes:

  • (2) Kicker 10" Car Audio Subwoofers
  • (1) Rockville Dual 10” 1.1 cu.ft. 3/4" MDF Vented Sub Enclosure Box
  • (1) Rockville Rockmat RM36 36 Sq Ft Sound Deadener Bulk Kit
  • 20 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal)
  • 20 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire
  • 4 Spade Terminals

Description for Kicker Subs:

2010 Comp VX Series Subs!

The most powerful series of round Kicker subs ever!

This sub is made with the same great features, and parts as the legendary square solo baric L7 subs. But these are round!!

The "10" Kicker CVX10-4 Comp VX 1,200 watt maximum output (600 RMS) round subwoofer is known to have even better sound quality then the L7. This is one of the most powerful subwoofers by Kicker, but just like its big brother (the L7 sub) these are made with the best design, to produce increased airflow and put out the cleanest power available on the market!

This is no joke, this sub can be heard from 2 blocks away easily!! That's with just one of them!! If you hook up a pair of these, you can set off car alarms by turning up your volume. Even at these high volumes, the bass will sound great! This is a crossover sub that gives you the best of both worlds in terms of sound quality and SPL.

This is one of the most advanced subs on the market. These will last for as long as your vehicle, because they keep cool at all times and because they have great adhesives and stitching ensuring the cone not separating. They are designed to spit hot air out with advanced ventilation, and you can enjoy hard hitting bass for hours, and the sub will keep going, without getting tired. If you are looking for the best round sub for your car, and you like saving money off the high retail prices that retail stores charge, than this is it!


  • Kicker 10CVX10-4 10" Comp VX Dual 4 ohm version
  • New and improved cone and front plate - takes some of the technology as the Solo X
  • Loudest series of round subs ever made by kicker!!
  • Uses similar technology to its big brother (the L7 series)
  • Higher Sound Quality than the L7
  • New cone technology
  • New Front Plate
  • Dual 4 ohm voice coils
  • 1200 watts max power handling
  • 600 Watts RMS power handling
  • Solokon 1 piece cone
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • Ribbed Santoprene rubber surrounds
  • Improved injection-molded SoloKon cone
  • High Temperature Coils (this sub will never burn out!)
  • Weather resistant - Suitable for marine use in additional to car applications
  • Ultra strong adhesive surrounds with additional stitching make this subwoofer extremely strong
  • 360-Degree back bracing
  • Perimeter venting around the voice coil to keep the sub cool
  • Additional Heat dissipation around the pole piece
  • Poly-cotton, semi-progressive-roll spider
  • Spiral tinsel leads woven into the spider
  • Spring loaded push terminals are compatible with up to 10 AWG wire
  • High temperature voice coil
  • Large and strong magnet and protected magnet structure
  • 85.7 DB sensitivity
  • frequency response: 24 - 500 Hz
  • mounting depth: 5-15/16"
  • cut out diameter: 9-3/16"
  • sealed box volume: .8 - 3.0 cubic feet
  • vented box 1.25 - 1.75 cubic feet
  • Audiosavings is an authorized Kicker Dealer. We can only ship Kicker products to the 48 continental United States

Improvements made over the older 06CVX10-4

  • New and improved Front plate (with similar technology to the SOLO X)
  • New and improved cone
  • Better sound quality than the 06CVX series

Description for Rockville Enclosure:

The RDV10 dual vented speaker box is made in the USA with Grade “A” ¾” MDF wood. This enclosure is made with precision cutting machinery by industry experts that have been making these enclosures in the USA for over 20 years. All Rockville enclosures come with a customized enhanced glue that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. That means that the carpet will stay in place and not rip or tear. The ¾” USA MDF is much stronger then any type of import wood.  This will keep your box performing at an optimal level by not flexing and distorting your woofers. Your woofers will thank you!  EVERY Rockville enclosure is not only glued at all joints but stapled as well. If that wasn’t enough we add a layer of silicon to every seam! This makes your Rockville enclosure rock even more!



  • Rockville RDV10 Dual 10" Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Proudly Made In The USA, Using Only The Finest Quality Materials - For The Best Level of Performance From Your Subs!
  • 3/4" USA Heavy Duty MDF Construction
  • Machine precision cut mounting holes
  • Top of the line Glue for extra durable adhesion
  • High quality GOLD spring loaded terminals
  • Designed, tested, and engineered to work with most of today’s popular woofers. These enclosures are built with the quality additives needed to maximize the performance of any sound system.
  • Tuning Frequency: 42Hz

Enclosure Measurements:

  • Type of Enclosure: Vented
  • Enclosure Sub Size: Dual 10"
  • Dimensions in Inches: 14.25" L x 32" W x 12 H"
  • Top and Bottom Depth: 14.25"
  • Mounting Depth: up to 15" (enough depth for any sub on the market)
  • Port Dimensions: 2" x 18.5" x 10.5"
  • Gross Volume Per Sub (Measurement for the outer dimensions of the box): 1.61 Cubic Feet
  • Net Volume Per Sub (Measurement for the outer dimensions of the box less the thickness of the wood and port): 1.1 Cubic Feet
About Rockville Quality Control Procedures:

The Rockville brand stands for Quality, Innovation and Value. All Rockville products go through the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. Products go through months of extensive testing before they reach your hands. All user functions are tested and all internal components are tested for quality. Rockville makes products that are virtually un-breakable! Rockville is one of the only brands in its class to test every concept model for weeks or months before starting production. Once production begins, Rockville sends product engineers to their factory to quality control every line of production. During production every product is tested and on top of that Rockville goes the extra mile and has their high level product engineers do an additional quality control. They test a certain percentage of all products from the production line a second time to ensure that the quality meets their vigorous standards, and to make sure that there is never a batch of products with even a slight problem. All Rockville sub enclosures are backed with a full 90 day warranty, though it is unlikely that you will need to use it.

Complete Dual Subwoofer Enclosure Installation Kit!


  • 20 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal)
  • 20 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire
  • 4 Spade Terminals

This accessory package includes everything you need to install two subwoofers into an enclosure, and wire your enclosure to your amplifier.  This package is a top of the line accessory package which we put together and tested. 

The drywall wood screws were hand selected by our installation experts because they drill into the enclosure very cleanly, without chipping the enclosure.  The speaker wire is 14 gauge.  This is way better than using 16 gauge.  You can be 100 % sure that your enclosure will have a clean signal to the amplifier with this top of the line speaker wire.  These spade terminals have also been hand selected by our installation experts to make the internal wiring simple, secure, and to run the audio signal cleanly.

Video of RM36:

Unboxing Video of RM36:


  • 9 Sheets of Rockmat Sound Dampening Material (4 square feet per sheet)
  • Roller for a perfect installation
  • Degreaser to clean the area and degrease it making for a perfect installation

The Rockville Rockmat RM36 sound dampening material is a must have for any professional car audio install. This package includes 9 sheets that are each 4 square feet. This gives you a total of 36 square feet. We also include everything needed for a quick and easy installation! Our Rockmat will increase how loud your car stereo plays! It also improves bass quality and eliminates those bad rattling and distortion sounds.

Installing Rockmat improves bass quality of the speaker and eliminates those bad rattling and distortion sounds.

Our Rockmat is built to the highest standards in this industry using 100% butyl rubber with a layer of heat resistant aluminum.  Butyl rubber is the same material high end speakers surround material is made out of. We use the highest quality pressure-sensitive self-adhesive to make your installation quick and easy. Our model has increased flexibility for an easier and more permanent installation! Our sound dampening product uses 72mil of pure grade aluminum! Most products on the market use 50mil. Our product will absorb sound better than the competition. If a product does not specify how much material is being used, you should be very cautious about it! Every manufacturer should know what they put into their products! Also, other products on the market such as GTMAT for example use a mixture of asphalt in their products. They basically are manufacturing roofing material and calling it sound deadener. Their product will work OK, but not nearly as good as our Rockmat. Our Rockmat is made of butyl rubber and aluminum which is the same as many of the more expensive brands out there that sell for twice our price.. We do not cheat our customers. We only make top quality gear over here at Rockville!

Our Rockmat has an adhesive temperature range of -100F to 300F (-60C to 150C). Our adhesive is top of the line! It will stick for years and years! Each layer of our material reduces unwanted noise 5-8 dB! This is among the best ratings in the industry. Our product works as well or better than other high end brands! We did our testing and research.

We make all our models in 2 color options. You get the choice of black and silver. We decided to also keep the look very clean! We see all these other brands tattooing their logos all over the material. I always thought it looked stupid. So I made sure to keep our Rockmat with a clean look to it.

Installation Instructions:
Rockmat is a self-adhesive. Stick the Rockmat in your desired area. Rockmat is pressure sensitive so after you apply the material into your desired area; apply pressure to it. That is it! Installation takes only minutes! Please note our Rockmat is also easy to cut into the desired shape you need!

To prove how good our sound dampening material is we will offer a 90 day money back guarantee! If you are not happy with the performance; simply pack it up and we will send you a label and give you a complete refund when it comes back to us!


  • Rockville Rockmat RM36 36 Sq Ft Sound Deadener Bulk Kit 72 Mil+Roller+Degreaser
  • 100% butyl rubber material with an aluminum heat resistant coating! (no asphault in our sound dampening material!!!)
  • Contains 9 sheets of sound damping material – Each sheet is 18" inch x 32" inch  (4 sq. ft. per sheet)
  • Paintable Surface
  • Multi purpose is ideal for multiple applications including rear decks, doors, floors, any part of the trunk, roofs, quarter panels, hoods, etc.
  • Increases SPL – The use of our Rockmat will not only make your sound more clear and eliminate distortion but it will make your music louder by
  • Eliminates sound leakage!
  • Improves Bass Quality and Reduces Bass Distortion
  • Kill unwanted noise, rattles, vibrations
  • Reduce exhaust and engine noise
  • Aluminum-coated for heat-resistance
  • 72mil thickness
  • Full car installation reduces unwanted noises 5-8 dB
  • We use the highest quality high-tack self-adhesive to make your installation quick and easy!
  • Our model has new and improved increased flexibility for an easier installation and top sound quality!
  • Permanent installation with ability to withstand even the highest temperatures!
  • Waterproof material! Our material is very durable. It is waterproof, heat proof and flexible
  • Sticks to any surface
  • Designed and engineered by Rockville USA!
  • Manufactured with the newest state-of-the-art machinery using only the purest raw materials as well!
  • Every product is checked during production for consistency. We have very high quality standards!
  • We use very high quality butyl rubber which gives amazing sound insulation and shock absorption. We do not use any asphalt in our product!
  • Available in both black and silver


  • Dimensions per sheet:  32" inch Length x 18" inch Width x 0.07' sheet Depth
  • Raw Material: 90% high absorbent butyl rubber and 10% pure-grade aluminum
  • Reduces unwanted noises 5-8 dB
  • Adhesive temperature range of -100F to 300F (-60C to 150C).
  • High-Tack Self-adhesive
  • Material Color: Silver
  • Weight: 25 (Lbs.) per box
  • Shipping weight: 26.19 LBS
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22.64" x 14.57" x 3.54"

Features of roller:

  • Made of high quality Wood & Steel
  • Designed especially for use in installing sound dampening material
  • Length: 7 in
  • Handle Length: 5 in
  • Roller Diameter:  1.3 in 
  • Material Color: Gray     
  • Weight: 0.44 Lbs.

Owner’s Manual

  • UPC:
  • 613816020768

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Car Subwoofer Impedance Wiring Guide

Use our car subwoofer and amp wiring diagrams to figure out which amplifier is compatible with your subwoofer(s) and how to wire it properly.

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