Rockville RV Speaker Series

Posted by Team Rockville on 6th Sep 2017

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce our new line up of RV-A and RV-C car speakers.We wanted to create series that not only had quality sound that you would expect from Rockville Audio, but also a series that has every size to meet your needs.

What makes these speakers great for any car audio enthusiast is the power handling andwhich is back by a CEA Rating. Our Speaker go through a rigorous test to achieve high rating which means you can trust the ratings we show.

The RV-A series comes with (2) speakers, (2) grilles and speaker wire. The RVA has a great sensitivity rating and the rubber flex around not the RV series ensures that it will be able to withstand large of amounts of power.

Each model in the Component series includes (2) speakers, (2) tweeters, (2) crossovers along with all the mounting hardware and speaker wire needed to install the system.

What makes these component speakers better than regular speakers, is that you have an amazing crossover that filters out unwanted sounds giving you the best possible sound quality. Along with two tweeters to give you amazing high sounds with no distortion.

Check out the Videos below and make sure to follow us on all our social media to see future releases and information.